About me

Jody’s Journey

Jody Ballard was born a global nomad in the territory of Hawaii and began running even before she could walk. As the fearless youth of a Montana Big Sky cowboy, her physical activities ranged from tennis to barrel racing and sport parachuting while her intellectual pursuits included French Literature and the study of human behavior. She excelled most particularly in trouble making.
After studying for her baccalaureate and master degrees from University of Maryland and Boston University by way of Paris, Jody settled into a life as a licensed Counseling Therapist. She met and married the love of her life and began the juggle of family and vocation for the next twenty years, taking great pride in both arenas.

Having lived in eight foreign countries and having moved over thirty times (so far), Jody has emerged not only as a prolific agent of change, but also a master of the intercultural and international dynamic.
During those three decades journey Jody founded a thriving business, Strategic Wellness Systems, principally dedicated to the five essential components of health: physical, psychological spiritual, relational and mental.
A whirling dervish of perpetual motion, not only is Jody well known for developing new and unconventional ideas but also she is famous for acting on and leading those activities.
Jody has applied her transformational leadership skills on numerous communities professionally and personally. Noteworthy is the fact that Jody was the chief SWS for BENELUX in several communities. Jody has served on boards of Women’s Groups, chaired numerous committees and led several book clubs.
Inspired by pioneer Gertrude Bell, Jody, a Bohemian at heart, reinvented herself as an artist, both as an oil painter and a novelist. In 2012 she penned a piece of literary fiction entitled, The Smell of Mud and is currently drafting her second novel which explores the generational gap of a modern day Bedouin family.

• Certificate of Advance Graduate Studies – Counseling Psychology – Boston University(1982)
• Masters Degree – Counseling Psychology – Boston University(1980)
• Bachelor’s Degree – Psychology – University of Maryland (1978)


• US National Certification in Counseling (NCC #16429) since 1987 www.nbcc.orgamp;www.counseling.org
• US Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC #611, Montana) since 1995 (verification site: www.discovermontana.org)
• US Certification as a Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (ICADC # 132) since 1998 www.icrcaoda.org
Certified Wellness Coach (#01690) www.wellcoaches.com


Individual TherapyMarriage and Relationship Counseling
Spouse and Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention
Trauma Recovery (PTSD), Rape and Sexual Assault
AnxietyGriefEatingDisorderAutism Spectrum Disorders
Family Therapy – specifically working with addiction issues
Child and Adolescent Therapy
Women’s Issues Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery
Coaching and Mentoring
Training and Educational Programs